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Tatiana: The Dance of Empowerment and Innovation with XINZIRAIN

Tatiana is a vital client for us and the first to engage in an in-depth collaboration with XINZIRAIN. She harbors a passion for dance, seeing it as a medium to showcase the power of femininity. Starting from scratch, Tatiana became a pioneering participant in the XINZIRAIN New Brand Support Program. Through this initiative, she received extensive support in product development, design, and promotional photography. Our anticipation for a more profound partnership is high as we explore deeper and more diverse possibilities between our factory and the brand.

Ben, from Italy, the offline store collaborator

Ben has maintained a long-term cooperation with us. Through our big data analysis of the audience's preferences in his area, combined with his understanding of local consumers, we have refined a set of reasonable operation methods to provide a stable customer flow for his online store. and sales

Lerry, our long-term partner

Lerry is an employee of a women's shoe brand store. He has cooperated with XINZIRAIN for several years. He has a good relationship with the employees and bosses of XINZIRAIN. Later, he opened his own women's shoe store. We will continue to cooperate.

Jack lost his job due to the epidemic, but started his own brand of women's shoes through XINZIRAIN

Jack is an imaginative person. Even if he lost his original job due to the epidemic, he did not stop. He gained a deeper understanding of us through XINZIRAIN's free inquiry, and received praise from local people with his own designed women's shoes.

John is one of the franchisees who know XINZIRAIN because of COVID-19

John lost his job due to the impact of COVID-19, but with the help of XINZIRAIN, he opened an online store for women's shoes, and through his previous sales experience, combined with XINZIRAIN's quality products, monthly sales have exceeded $30,000. XINZIRAIN is determined to help those who love women's shoes, never stop.

Emily the first Internet celebrity with XINZIRAIN

Emily is an ins celebrity who has cooperated with XINZIRAIN in the past three years. XINZIRAIN's women's shoes have been loved by many fans, and the quality of XINZIRAIN's products has been recognized by more people. With this successful experience of cooperating with Internet celebrities, XINZIRAIN will also sign contracts with more Internet celebrities to provide high-quality women's shoes for more people.